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A belt system in martial arts is used to show which students have trained longer and have more skill when compared to other students.  The grades are the “Student” Grades (referred to as Kyu Grades), and the Black Belts (Dan Grades) are considered “Expert” Grades.

level description
Yellow Striking Techniques: Using the head (Kubi-uchi), Using the hand (Oai-tsuki), Using the hammer fist (Tetsie-uchi), Using the back fist (Hiraken-uchi), Using the elbow (Empi-uchi), Using the palm heel (Teisho-uchi), Using the knee (Hiza-geri), Using the front kick (Mae-geri), Using the side kick (Yoko-geri), Using the stomping kick (Fuma-komo-geri), Using the back kick (Ushiro-geri)

Throwing Techniques: Shoulder throw (Seoi-nage), Floating hip throw (Uki-goshi), Advanced foot sweep (Deashi-harai)

Grappling Techniques: Scarf lock (Kesa-gatame), Normal Cross Choke (Name-juji-jime), Wrist lock (Kote-hineri)

Orange Striking Techniques: All previous plus Basic blocks against striking techniques

Throwing Techniques: All previous plus Major hip (O-goshi), Hip wheel (Koshi-guruma), Knee wheel (Hiza-guruma), Major outside reaping (Osoto-gari)

Grappling Techniques: All previous plus Shoulder hold (Kata-gatame), Reverse cross choke (Gyaku-juji-jime), Half cross choke (Kata-juji-jime), Bare hand choke (Hadaka-jime), chicken wing (Hiji-kime), Fore arm lock (Sempaku-gatame), Arm pit lock (Waki-gatame)

Green Striking Techniques: All previous
Throwing Techniques: All previous plus Supporting lift-pull foot (Sasae-tsurikomi-ashi), Major inner reap (Ouchi-gari)
Grappling Techniques: All previous plus Side hold (Yokoshiho-gatame), Sliding lapel choke (Okuri-eri-jime), Single wing choke (Kataha-jime), Under arm figure four (Tenkai-kote-hineri), Over arm figure four (Ude-garami)
Brown Striking Techniques: All previous
Throwing Techniques: All previous plus Body drop (Tai-otoshi), Shoulder wheel (Kata-guruma), Minor outer reap (Kosoto-gari), Minor inner reap (Kouchi-gari), Circle throw (Tomoe-nage)
Grappling Techniques: All previous plus Straddling hold (Tateshiho-gatame), Pump handle lock underarm (Ude-gatame), Pump handle lock overarm (Ude-hineri), Over shoulder lock (Ude-gatame), Stomach bar (Hara-gatame), Cross lapel lock (Te-gatame)

Defensive Situations: Wrist lock (Kote-gaeshi), Straight punch arm bar (Ude-gatame), Moving foot sweep (Ko-soto-gari), shoulder throw (Seoi-nage), Step on toes, Foot sweep (Ko-soto-gari), Inside block to inner reap throw (O-uch-gari), Outer reaping throw (O-soto-gari), Wrist lock (Kote-gaeshi), Floor arm bar, Thumb jamb, Knuckle against the hand, Scissoring the thumb, Wrist lock (Kote-gaeshi), Break through thumb, Arm bar (Sempaku-gatame), Wrist lock  (Kote-hineri), Dislocate thumb

Brown 2nd

(Source: Heike-Ryu Syllabus)


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