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Today Making Learning Connected (#CLMOOC) begins. The Educator Innovator has set up a micro-investment fund for online meet-ups enabeling educators to move their practice toward connected learning and community engagement. The course is organized into weekly Make Cycles, with open-ended invitations to make, play, learn and connect. In this introductury post I will formulate my learning outcome, since my experience is that after the 7 week period (June 13–August 1) this will support my own reflection. During the first Make Cycle we focus our thinking and reflection around the ways in which “How To guides” can be used to share who we are and the things we are good at.clmooc_120px

Make Cycle Week 01:

a) Make a How to Be! connected to something that introduces who you are, your hobby or your community.

b) Share your favorite examples (and non-examples!) of good How To guides.

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