Open Badges for Assessing Learning

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In this video I compare two Open Badge Infrastructures (OBI) as a badge issuer. Open Badge Factory ( and Badge List ( [youtube=] The main question is to what extent were autonomy, diversity, openness and interactivity present? Further discussion should involve: How to avoid badge inflation / flooding the system / loss of meaning? How… Read more »

Goal statement 2015

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During 2015 eduToolkit will offer Microsoft’s training for 21st Century Learning Design (21CLD). The educational resources shared by eduToolkit will model and demonstrate 21st Century Learning Design in education. Teachers Open Online Learning for professional development is based on P2P review, where teachers develop skills from practice and reflection. Digital badges are used as micro-credential… Read more »

OneNote Class Notebook vs. Google Classroom with add-ons

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This Office Mix presentation will look at assessment and lessonplans in two different LMS. As an “Advanced Networked Teacher” you can use ICT to assess students’ acquisition of knowledge, and to provide students with feedback on their progress using both formative and summative assessment. There is also a requirement to incorporate appropriate ICT activities into… Read more »