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In the Make Cycle #2 during the CLMOOC 2015 we will reflect on how the affordances of different media impact our choices, processes, and meanings. There has been new research in Sweden showing evidence of lectures going quicker with PowerPoint presentations and students don’t get enough time to make their own notes during class. My re-mediate will move from course literature to PowerPoint, from a presentation to Khan-Academy-style digital storytelling in an interactive online lesson with the add-in called OfficeMix.

The change from course literature to PowerPoint reduce the content to central concepts and examples (i.e. bullet points and images). The filter is applied by a qualified teacher and will reveal connections within the content. An interactive online lesson with OfficeMix will change the possibility to access the teacher’s instruction and allow the students to repeat complicated sections.


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  1. dogtrax

    Of course, we want to be attentive to not only what might be gained but what gets lost when we shift from medium to medium. Will students lose some of the richness of detail? Or was it all just filler anyway?


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