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During the first week of Open Networked Learning ONL172 we will share expectations, background knowledge and begin to build relationships among participants. The approach is “learning-by-doing” in order to develop skills dealing with the use of digital tools for teaching and learning. The course build on international and cross-institutional collaboration and also invites “open learners” with no academic affiliation.

The FISh-model is used for networking and sharing of material and practices:

Step 1: Focus

  • What do I/we see?
  • How do I/we understand what we see?
  • What do I/we need to find out more about?
  • Specify learning issues/intended learning outcomes!

Step 2: Investigate

  • How and where am I/are we going to find answers?
  • What will I do/who will do what and by when?
  • What main findings and solutions do I/we propose?

Step 3: Share

  • How am I/are we going to present my/our findings?
  • What do I/we want to share with the community?
  • How can I/we provide feedback to others?
  • What reflections do I have about my learning (and working with others)?

This is my presentation for the first week:


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  1. Rieta Ganas

    Thank you for the introduction Jonas, you are doing some very interesting work. It would be interesting to understand your take on the primary and secondary schooling systems that have to use a very tight and structured national curriculum and its influence on learners who enter the tertiary system and have to now rely most often on themselves to structure their learning.


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