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Our scenario during the second topic in ONL172, mention the use of technology in a MOOC. One example is to divide the material into modules and add micro-credentials. Open Badges was started by Mozilla Foundation and this is their definition:
“Open Badges are visual tokens of achievement, affiliation, authorization, or other trust relationship sharable across the web. Open Badges represent a more detailed picture than a CV or résumé as they can be presented in ever-changing combinations, creating a constantly evolving picture of a person’s lifelong learning”
IMS Global Learning Consortium write:
“Open Badges are information-rich visual representations of verifiable achievements earned by recipients and are a vital component of the digital credentials ecosystem”
(IMS Global, 2017)
This is my screencast that is the result from my investigations:

We shared out reflection as a padlet:

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  1. Diane Pilkinton-Pihko

    Thanks, Jonas, for sharing your knowledge on micro-credentials, including open badges and certificates. Although I’d heard the term micro-credentials, I didn’t really know what it means until now. And I was totally unfamiliar with ‘open badges’. So, your screencast was quite useful for me. You obviously feel quite comfortable doing those – something to admire.


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