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During topic 4 we have investigated “Design for online and blended learning” and my focus was on systematic reflection throughout a whole course. I’m in favour of self-reflection and peer review to keep online learners actively engaged. Checklists or trackers can be a form, but I have also seen recorded material or presentations that ask the “viewer” to interact (i.e. Flipped classroom approach). In our reading we looked at constructive alignment (i.e. align teaching and assessment to the outcomes we intend students to learn) and map levels of understanding from the SOLO Taxonomy. The aim is to give the students the skills to integrate aspects and apply them to untaught applications (i.e. extended abstract).

I looked at the tool Scalable-Learning and this is what they write in their manual:

Flipping the classroom is all about getting passive lectures out of the class so that students can engage in active learning activities during class time, which challenges them while they are in the classroom with the teacher to help.


  1. Your in-class material consist of computer-based presentations with you talking and advancing the presentation.
  2. You want to record your computer screen and audio for your online lectures.
  3. You want to include online self-assessment quizzes and in-class active learning.

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