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We have now been divided into groups to start the course with an introduction and activate the first module in Canvas LMS.

The introduction is shared as a page:


“During this module we will together explore important literacies to survive and thrive in the digital age, as well as your experiences of digital consumption, communication, collaboration and creation, as learners and educators. Accessing, filtering, critically evaluating information in vast networks, repositories and digital libraries as well as connecting with individuals and groups via social networks and adapting it for learning and teaching is a complex process. It requires specific skills, attitudes and behaviors which become increasingly more important for individuals and society.”

“We will also discuss online participation and your digital footprints. You will be encouraged to reflect on your digital presence and identity as well as your experience of digital consumption, communication, collaboration and creation.”

“As a starting point for your blog you will reflect on and discuss your own digital presence and identity and your experiences, concerns and challenges.”

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