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Last month I registered for the course “Digital literacies for online learning”, with the focus on Learning in a Digital Age (#LiDA101). In the beginning we were asked to establish our Personal Learning Environment (PLE). The definiton in the course is:

“A personal learning environment refers to the range of tools, communities and websites you will use to support your learning and interact with fellow OERu learners”

As you can see in this picture a PLE use different tools for social media, course learning blog and discussions.

Tasks – Declare yourself challenge

  1. Create a blog
  2. Complete the “About” page
  3. Peronalize settings (Change your theme, header image, background colours and/or image. Then add at least one widget to your blog)
  4. Create a blogpost (Introduce yourself and reflect on what you would like to achieve by maintaining a blog to support your learning. a)
    Reflect on what you thought of the activity; Was it easy or hard?
    b) Share links to any additional resources you found useful in completing the tasks)

OERu courses incorporate activities using Mastodon to stay connected with your learning community.

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