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In 2022 eduToolkit will focus on students meta-cognitive strategies to develop capacity for higher level executive function skills.

The Universal Design for Learning framework promote a student-centred approach with guidelines for how knowledge is internalized when students are provided with options for Executive Functions (CAST 2018).

Checkpoint 6.2 in the UDL framework address “Support planning and strategy development” to formulate reasonable plans for reaching goals. This is associated to executive functions and promote following activities:

  • Embed prompts to “stop and think” before acting as well as adequate space
  • Embed prompts to “show and explain your work” (e.g., portfolio review, art critiques)
  • Provide checklists and project planning templates for understanding the problem, setting up prioritization, sequences, and schedules of steps
  • Embed coaches or mentors that model think-aloud of the process
  • Provide guides for breaking long-term goals into reachable short-term objectives

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