As soon as Mozilla’s Open Badges project allow organizations to issue digital badges, this will allow students to collect badges from different sources and display them across the web – on their resume, web site, social networking profiles, job sites or just about anywhere.  The eduToolkit Badge Ecosystem is still in development and will include a number of elements:

The badges themselves

Earning badges for learning new things is a way to display knowledge and skills.  At the moment we have released three light blue ‘CommunityBadges’:

Supporter Contributor Scholar
  •     Supporter (A person who supports, promotes, advocates or champions a cause or movement)
  •     Contributor (A person who backs, supports or champions a cause, activity or institution)
  •     Scholar (A specialist in a particular branch of knowledge)

They only have value for our community and we will soon have green ‘Skill Badges’ available that are compatible with Mozilla’s ‘Open Badge Infrastructure’.  The first three modules will continue our work with ‘Teachers Open Online Learning’ and focus on the concept of ‘The Networked Teacher’:

  •     Certified Networked Teacher – Use of Web-tools
  •     Advanced Networked Teacher – Syndicated Education
  •     Expert Networked Teacher – Central Node in Learning

Hall of fame

The official page where you could see the graduates that have received assessment badges from eduToolkit.  Our badges will in the future be acknowledged by third party organizations in order to increase the value and trust.

Assessment Rubrics:

We have started the discussion on how assessment can be illustrated in ‘Assesment Rubrics’

Evaluation & Committees:

We welcome support in our Peer-2-Peer evaluation ambition, please send an email and explain in what way you can volunteer.

Badge submission process:

At the moment the badges are handed out close to 24 February 2012 when the first iteration on “eduToolkit – Teachers Open Online Learning” completes.  The upcoming ‘Skill Badges’ will be earned when the challenge is passed by authorized peers.

Badge management system:

When we expand the activity there will be a more advanced management system for our badges.

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