Salience and Collective Intelligence (#ONL172)

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I was recently faced with a situation at work where we noticed that our project stagnated. It was everyone’s task but no one’s responsibility. What have you accomplished during the course? I participated in the ONL162 in 2016 as an Open Learner with no PBL-group, which gave me possibility to interact with the course material and… Read more »

Trajectory and Learning Analytics (#ONL172)

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During topic 4 we have investigated “Design for online and blended learning” and my focus was on systematic reflection throughout a whole course. I’m in favour of self-reflection and peer review to keep online learners actively engaged. Checklists or trackers can be a form, but I have also seen recorded material or presentations that ask the “viewer”… Read more »

Collaborate with Peers (#ONL172)

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To assess the collaboration among peers I have used a rubric for 21st Century Learning Design (21CLD) from Innovative Teaching and Learning. Did they share responsibility fairly, make substantive decisions together, and create interdependent work products? In the Activity Rubrics there is a five level checklist on collaboration and during our group work we discussed the diffrence between collaboration… Read more »

Micro-credential for Learning in a MOOC (#ONL172)

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Our scenario during the second topic in ONL172, mention the use of technology in a MOOC. One example is to divide the material into modules and add micro-credentials. Open Badges was started by Mozilla Foundation and this is their definition: “Open Badges are visual tokens of achievement, affiliation, authorization, or other trust relationship sharable across… Read more »

Filtering Our Digital Identity (#ONL172)

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As we worked with our first topic in Open Networked Learning (#ONL172) we were asked to reflect on our digital presence and identity as well as our experience of digital consumption, communication, collaboration and creation. In my PBL group one subtopic that we had in FOCUS was “What about digital identity – how does it develop?” and from my own INVESTIGATION… Read more »

Introduction and Expectations (#ONL172)

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During the first week of Open Networked Learning ONL172 we will share expectations, background knowledge and begin to build relationships among participants. The approach is “learning-by-doing” in order to develop skills dealing with the use of digital tools for teaching and learning. The course build on international and cross-institutional collaboration and also invites “open learners” with no academic… Read more »

Open Networked Learning (#ONL162)

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We have started topic 1 “Connecting – online participation and digital literacies”, where we are learning about  online learning spaces. This is the second ONL course offered by Karolinska Institute, Lund University, Linnaeus University, the Royal Institute of Technology (all Sweden) and Independent Institute of Education (South Africa). How to create collaborative and flexible learning environments… Read more »

Interactive online lesson with OfficeMix

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In the Make Cycle #2 during the CLMOOC 2015 we will reflect on how the affordances of different media impact our choices, processes, and meanings. There has been new research in Sweden showing evidence of lectures going quicker with PowerPoint presentations and students don’t get enough time to make their own notes during class. My… Read more »

Make Cycle #1: How to…

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First assignment, let’s remix the How To format! a) Make a How to Be! connected to something that introduces who you are, your hobby or your community. This is my Selfie about How to Behave Like a Swede (A selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone – Wikipedia). The text on the T-shirt reads: Capital:… Read more »

Joining CLMOOC (Week01)

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Today Making Learning Connected (#CLMOOC) begins. The Educator Innovator has set up a micro-investment fund for online meet-ups enabeling educators to move their practice toward connected learning and community engagement. The course is organized into weekly Make Cycles, with open-ended invitations to make, play, learn and connect. In this introductury post I will formulate my learning outcome, since my experience is that… Read more »