During an inital stage it is useful to get an overview of the different social media tools available on Internet.  This is an attempt to list some web tools relevant to education and link usefull resources. 


Function Tools Description
 filtering: ? content aggregation & filtering (e.g. tags, categorizing, tagclouds), social bookmarking (social recommendation, sharing, categorizing, rating, ranking), search engines, federated search
 aggregation: ? syndication & feeds, mashups hosting, mapping, listing, widgets, gadgets, embedding, uploading
 storing: ? audio/video archiving, feed archiving, captions,clipping, notecards,metadata management
monitoring: ?  trackback, pingback, stats
casting: ? text (convert and cast, follow), podcast (create, cast, follow), audiocast (create, cast, follow), videocast (create, cast, follow), slideshare (convert, cast, follow)
collaborative casting: ? synchronous audiographics conferencing groupware (one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many communication), interactive casting (videocast or slideshare with synchronous communication)
collaborative authoring: ? social networking tools (visualising networks etc.), asynchronous communication and collaboration groupware (e.g. blogs, vlogs, phlogs, wikis, forums, portfolios, instant messaging, swap?), online project management tools (e.g. calendar, …), clickpath sharing, screensharing, filesharing, online annotating (web artifacts), collaborative authoring (creating, commenting, sharing of text, datatables), collaborative charting (mindmaps, drawing), collaborative modelling (distributed model control), voting

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